Tea Packaging Boxes

The tea pack boxes are a great way to display your product. Plus, it’s an elegant way to present them. CPB provides you with these boxes at the lowest possible rates for your wholesale orders.

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Styles Of Our Tea Packaging Boxes

Styles 1

(Bleach Card Tea Boxes)

Tea is a product which is in our use as an everyday product. The companies that prepare tea have to package them in the best way. If you are looking for the best custom tea packaging boxes’ we are here to solve your problem. Our Bleach Card Tea Packaging Boxes are very well known for their durability and strength. These are made of bleach card which is a clean and bright packaging material. That is a great option for promotional messages printing on them and your logo that is your brand identity

Bleach Card is a material that when it has printing on it, creates an attractive and exciting look. These Bleach Card Tea Packaging boxes are also designed to protect the tea inside from moisture, light and other external factors so that the quality remains the same. They have reasonable closures to make your packaging easy to open.

Styles 2

(Sleeve & Tray Tea Packaging)

We introduce Sleeve and tray tea packaging which is the best packaging for speciality tea bags or loose-leaf tea. This packaging has two parts one is the tray that holds the tea bags and the other slides over the tray to close.  it is a safe and sturdy container for tea that is very easy to use for customers and has the best packaging for holding the tea bags inside. the tray can be of different materials like paper board.

We also offer different printing techniques for printing your tea packaging for your branding and advertisement.  it’s a convenient packaging solution for customers and businesses. Also, it’s an easy way to keep fresh and store the Tea. The sleeves help to advertise clearly with the printed logo that will definitely advertise your identity to your customers and also helpful for raising income.

Styles 3

(Seal End Tea Packaging)

Seal End Tea Packaging is the best packaging to have the tea bags. It is the most secure packaging to keep the tea bags safe without any wastage.

The sheet of material which is used in these tea packaging is a cardboard or paper board that is folded and sealed on both ends for making a tea container design. It is a more durable and secure packaging than others to keep the inside produce safe from factors like air, moisture and light.

The tea packaging is convenient packaging for both businesses and customers. your customer will like it because he will not face any difficulty in keeping them safe in the kitchen and again he will buy your product when he becomes happy with the packaging. The printed logos and graphics on these boxes will also trap them towards the product. We use high-quality printing techniques like lithography, flexography, or digital printing to print these Seal end tea packaging.

Styles 4

(Dispenser Tea Packaging)

It is designed with a dispenser feature. When someone uses an essential tea he would like the packaging that can be dispensed easily once at a time. For this purpose, Dispenser Tea Packaging is the best way we make these packaging for dispensing tea bags. For the customers, it’s an attractive feature. When we print your company name or beautiful logo and design they will become more attractive and convince the customers to buy the product.

Custom Tea Packaging Boxes

The most widely consumed beverage in the world and consumed in almost every country is tea. It has many flavours with different nutritional values. A drink like this should have very special packaging that makes it very clear in the market. These Custom tea packaging boxes can also be used as gift boxes to give to your loved ones and friends.

Custom tea boxes are great packaging for this type of tea. This packaging makes the tea boxes very beautiful and helps to keep the tea safe. Thus, these tea boxes will increase the demand for your product. and preserve your product for a long time. These boxes are very strong and can be closed easily so the customer feels more interested in them.

We offer all these features at a very reasonable price

Our Services Are The Best

These custom tea boxes can also be made according to your customized design and colour. If you want to make any changes to the design of these boxes, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help you. We have a skilled workforce who will help you in making per your requirement. Please feel free to contact us on WhatsApp.

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