Boxes For Large Cakes


Custom Boxes For Large Cakes

How is this box for?
  • This cake box is characterized by its resistance given its cover and its base are made of microchannel cardboard which is thicker than the regular cardboard. It includes a central piece made of coloured card and you can choose it the colour you like the most. It is also available with a plastic cardboard food coat. The base has two holes to make it easier to hold when it is being carried. Available in 3 sizes.
What is this box for?
  • This box is made for transporting big cakes and bakery products with heavy weight. It is perfect for bakeries that want to hand over their cakes in an original box that could protect their sweets. It is available in 2 sizes and multiple colours because of this it is an ideal gift box bakery products. Give a surprise at a birthday party or any other celebration with this pretty big cake box. It will not go unnoticed!

If you want custom packaging boxes for your bakery products or any custom boxes, there are many packaging boxes types. We stock a wide variety of cake boxes and cake packaging covering nearly every size and type of cake from tiered wedding cakes to cupcakes and gateaux.

Boxes for large cakes with a base and lid in natural brown kraft colour. Available in two heights. The cardboard base and lid are sturdy, perfect for heavy cakes. Also ideal for tiered cakes.


Some Popular Styles Available For Your Custom Boxes For Large Cakes Include:

Cake Box With Hanger and LidClear Cupcake Box | Cupcake Boxes | Tray For Hot Dogs and Cakes | Cake and Panettone Box | Cake Gift Box with Lid | Custom Kraft Cake Boxes | Cakes and Chocolate Counter Packaging Boxes | Wedding Cake Slice Boxes | Cake Pop Stand and much more!