Kraft Boxes

The packaging is not just but a task to put items together. Great packaging depends on the packaging product used. To ensure that you achieve quality packaging, you must consider the item being packaged, its velocity and security. Kraft packaging products offer an all-in-one variety of Eco-friendly packaging solutions. Depending on where the contents of the package, means of transportation, the duration it’s going to be packed and weight, you can choose one of our Kraft paper packaging products.

Kraft Packaging Boxes 

There are a few products to choose from depending on the nature of the items you need to be packaged. A good product must ensure safety, hygiene, durability and also present ability both in use and display. Our Kraft packaging products include Kraft paper drawer boxes which come in black, brown and red colours and up to 54 sizes to meet items of various sizes. You can get plastic, paper sleeve, and a divider inside to facilitate seamless packaging. Kraft boxes are ideal for gift packaging, snacks, and items being delivered to long distances. They are made of fairly tough paper material to withstand slightly heavy items.

Kraft Gift Boxes Packaging

Kraft gift boxes we provided also come with a ribbon for closure which enhances the design and adds a touch of elegance for DIY gifts like sweets, handmade soap. Other ribbon fitted kraft boxes wholesale products include the small Kraft flavor box and Kraft ribbon gift box. For baked goods or gifts items, you can opt for paper gable boxes that come in black and brown with a handle gable. For easy opening, there is a Kraft gift box with lids option and a divider insert. Also can choose the printed gift box with four sizes, and takeout boxes we have Kraft paper salad boxes and fried food boxes that have clear windows on two sides made of sturdy food grade paper and 3 sides buckle locked wit 4 large volume sizes to meet your food packaging requirements.

Kraft Bags Packaging

Kraft packaging also including Kraft paper bags food packaging wholesale for bread, bakery, and other greasy foods, they come in nine sizes to accommodate various food portions. The grocery bags are grease proof and waterproof food grade paper bags. There is also a variety of other Kraft paper gift bags like colourful Kraft bags with string handles when you do not conceal the contents of the bag and brown Kraft gift bags with nylon handles in many sizes, also have a black colour option.

Kraft Paper Zipper Pouch Bags

Kraft zipper pouches are suitable for packing candy, dried food, fruits, spices, teas, and herbs. Kraft paper stand up zipper pouch bags hold relatively light items whose quantities though huge don’t weigh as much. You can choose a Kraft stand up zipper pouch with a window or without. They also come with aluminium foil inside to prevent moisture from getting in and in different and styles either flat or stand up.

We are keeping developing more styles Kraft packaging boxes products all the time.

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