Custom Truffle Boxes

Looking to buy truffle boxes online? Then you have reached the right place. We offer custom truffle boxes and packaging at reasonable prices. Once you place your order, our custom design team will create designs for you within one business day.

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Styles Of Our Custom Truffle Boxes

Styles 1

(Kraft Mailer Truffle Boxes)

The companies who prepare truffle items need custom Truffle Boxes for their packaging solution. We prepare Kraft Mailer Truffle Boxes which are made of Eco Friendly material and unbleached pulp. These boxes are lightweight ideal 4 shipping small food items. they are specially designed to meet the specific needs of the producer according to the food items.

We prepare these boxes with and without printing as you require. The Kraft Mailer Truffle Boxes are durable to protect the items inside during transportation and handling. The eco-friendliness of these boxes makes them attractive for businesses who prepare food items.

Styles 2

(Bleach Card Mailer Truffle Packaging)

The small food items prepared in confectionery Industries like chocolate, truffles and cupcakes. These Bleach Card Mailer Truffle Packages are the best choice. We prepare these boxes with bleach cards which are prepared by cardboard with different processes.

These boxes are available with and without printing options. It’s a great option to ship your products safely from one place to another. The material used is lightweight and ideal material for shipping and mailing. These are sturdy enough to protect the eatable items inside during handling and transportation which will make you sure that these items will arrive at the destination in a good condition.

Styles 3

(Die-Cut With Inserts Truffle Boxes)

We proudly introduce our Die-cut with inserts truffle boxes. These boxes are prepared with kraft cards and inserts prepared with bleach cards. These Custom Truffle Boxes are commonly used in the confectionery industry to package the chocolates. The di-cot window on the upper side will showcase the treats inside.

These inserts are specially designed for the safety of the items so that they do not move around and become damaged. The inserts may be prepared with material like foam or paper board which can be customised with the required size and shape of the treat. The truffle boxes can be printed with various printing techniques for branding and promotional messages.  That will create an eye-catching, attractive look to these boxes. We can say that these are professional packaging solutions with die-cut windows for your industry to showcase and protect your brand for promotional purposes.

Styles 4

(Innovative Lid Bottom Truffle Boxes)

Sometimes you want to gift your loved ones confectionery items, so you should have to package them in a beautiful packaging and safe way that you can wrap them with your desired gift paper. Our Innovative lid-bottom truffle boxes are specially designed for the features of the lid and bottom. The lid will protect your items and these are easy to assemble and use. It’s the best container for the security of treats inside. The innovative lid-bottom truffle boxes can be prepared with kraft paper and cardboard with a lot of customization options and printing.

The shape of the box allows you to customise its size and also the shape of the box for the best fit of your treats. These will help you to make your business popular and stand out in the market.

Packaging And Printing Custom Truffle Boxes

The confectionery industry in a country has a specific importance because there are many sweets prepared for the kids, especially the small treats like truffles, chocolate, candies, Bubbles, toffees etc. are the attraction for the kids and even for elders. when they are prepared they need the best packaging.

For making your truffle boxes superior and winning the hearts of your customers. Our custom truffle packaging boxes are a great choice. It’s an attractive solution for your different kinds of events like weddings, birthdays, Thanksgiving, New Year party etc. To enhance your special events these boxes will help you a lot.

We provide the best quality customised boxes to your desired design, and specifications under your directions on WhatsApp.

  • Innovative Styles and Design
  • Custom Die Cut Packaging Boxes
  • Enhance Product Presentation
  • Accurate Sizes for All Products
  • Well-Manufactured and Long Lasting Materials With High Quality,
  • State-of-The-Art High-Quality Printing Services
  • Best for Branding
  • Delivery Within 5-7  Working Days After Finalization Of Your Design

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