Triple Drawer Gift Box

The custom triple drawer gift box offers endless possibilities for packaging and adding colours. Made from premium grade paperboard, you can order with your own colour scheme to make the most unique, memorable gift set.

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Custom Triple Drawer Gift Box

Are you looking for a perfect packaging option to present your products? Then you have come to the right place. We are offering custom packaging which is made of three drawers and other attractive features. The packaged items will be kept safe and secure. You can also order it in any shape, size, or layout you want. Our experienced and professional team will assure you that the same will be presented with perfection.

Wholesale Custom Triple Drawer Gift Boxes

If you are searching for a unique gift for your special friend, then this custom printed box with neatly placed drawers is what you need. The impressive rubber-coated texture makes the box seem like a precious treasure chest. Choose from the available colour schemes such as green and black that completely blend with the contents of the particular box. The Custom Triple Drawer Gift Boxes holds more things than it seems. Create some exciting gifts to surprise your near and dear ones by ordering online.
What is this box like?

  •  This Custom Triple Drawer gift box is a tip for simple, customizable packaging by the designer team. An original idea that offers three compartments for storing small items like accessories, jewellery and more. It’s totally self-supporting, no glue needed. A curious combination of flaps turns this simple box into original gift packaging. One single part, there is no need for glue and it can be assembled in no time at all.

What is this box for?

  • This three-part custom gift box is the perfect present for birthdays and special occasions. This is an original gift box made from one single part, in a simple, flexible design, with no need for glue.

Ready to get creative and give a handmade gift?

With our Custom Triple Drawer Gift Box, it’s easier than ever – just add some decorations, photos or ribbons and you’re done! The box is made from one single part and comes flat-packed in an attractive gift package. Now with this gift box, it’s super easy to give gifts that are loaded with personality!