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Custom Tiny Triangular Gift Box

Tiny Triangular Gift Box: Sure enough, we have a custom tiny triangular gift box for sale in plain white. But as the experts in the packaging wow factor, we have a basic understanding that every now and again, you may want something a bit more groovy. Maybe you want something with a nifty colour or design. Therefore, we offer all our tiny triangular box in the most eye-popping colour collection on earth. Plainly put, the colours we use for packaging isn’t found everywhere but here. We offer Tiny Triangular Gift boxes in shimmering colours like moss, gold, amethyst and silver. We have delicious matte colours galore in razzleberry, lemon, limeade, drop and even black liquorice! When your idea requires a colourful wake-up-call of colour, we recommend you purchase small gift boxes in shimmering ivory or recycled olive.

At a glance…
  • Its triangular shape makes it one of the most original boxes
  • Easy to assemble, it incorporates the use of an elastic band to close it
  • Perfect to give as a wedding favour or other event
What is the box like?
  • This box has a complex appearance but is very easy to assemble. It is made up of one single part, which is folded over and closed up by a string crossing from one side of the box to the other, a very original closing. You should bear in mind that due to the unusual inside, it is not as suitable for holding square or rectangular objects.
What is this box for?
  • Thanks to its shape it is useful most of all for holding loose objects, like sweets, chocolates or candy. You will love using it as a gift box for wedding favours, to make small gifts for your customers or to give out favours at an event. Both the box and the rubber band are available in different colours. Combine them however you like!

Original and compact gift box, suitable for wedding and christening invitations, as well as for small promotional gifts. Easy to assemble, it is ideal for gift wrapping in shops.


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