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Custom Square shipping boxes

At a glance…
  • This square shipping boxes. is made of thick cardboard with great resistance.
  • It does not need any adhesive and it is easy to mount quickly.
  • Use it for shipping any objects or gifts.
What is this box like?
  • These square shipping boxes are characterized for its resistance, for being made of thicker cardboard than the usual. It is made up of a single piece and you do not need any type of glue for its mounting. It is very quick and easy to mount. It closes thanks to a flap system which fits perfectly protecting the object which it contains inside. Available in 3 sizes.
What is this box for?
  • For the resistance of the cardboard of which it is made, this box is perfect for shipping. It is available in 3 sizes for what you can use it for shipping small, medium size or big objects. This type of cardboard is resistant but pretty for what it is perfect for handmade artworks and you can decorate it with your own taste using it as an original gift box. Give it a touch decorating it with covers, labels and stickers and give a surprise with one of the most original wrappers!

Mailing Boxes

More than anything else, shipping boxes require to be strong…and that’s what you get when you get them from Custom Packaging Boxes. We carry a huge variety of square shipping boxes and containers, including functional sizes for DVDs, books and other hard-to-pack items. As with everything we sell at CPB, we stand behind our square shipping boxes with a money-back guarantee, a price-match strategy & some of the best consumer service in the business. We’re a family company, with over 70 years in the business of retail, food and manufacturing packaging items. That all translates to cheap rates, really fast shipping and great customer experience for you!

Mailing Tubes

There’s only one way to ship maps, posters, papers and other documents that cannot be folded, and that’s with a mailing tube. Spiral wound chipboard is stiff and sturdy enough to hold up during shipping (we also carry triangular and square poster-size shipping boxes), and our mailing tubes double as great storage for your posters and documents.

Corrugated Boxes

Our corrugated shipping boxes comply with USPS, FedEx and UPS demands, and are available in a wide range of sizes and styles, including tab lock closings, tuck tops, two-piece boxes and more. Pick from plain brown kraft, white or different colours.

Tuck Top Corrugated Mailing Boxes

There are few shipping containers that are more strong and foolproof than a tuck-top box, and we stock tuck-top white corrugated mailing boxes in a collection of sizes and styles. Tuck-top boxes are delivered in die-cut flat sheets; they then fold up to feature two triple thickness sidewalls and a lid with a tab that tucks neatly into the box itself, for a carton that’s not only excellent for shipping but reusable for storage.


Speciality Square Shipping Boxes

Along with the typical corrugated square shipping boxes, we stock pillow-style boxes, treasure-chest style boxes, file boxes and lots of others that can double as gift boxes or storage containers.

Shipping Boxes

What it boils down to is that Custom Packaging Boxes has all of your shipping box requirements covered.  Shipping items that are highly fragile? Try our shrink cover or kraft paper to wrap around them before shipping. Have unusual dimensions? Get a quote for custom boxes. Need shipping boxes of different colours? Try our coloured corrugated mailing boxes with coloured tissue paper for a colourful way to package.

Custom Packaging Boxes is proud to offer a huge selection of boxes and other shipping items to go along with them.  All of these items are backed by CPB’s price-matching and return policies! Order today!

Resistant square shipping boxes. It is ideal to ship your products. Available in 3 different sizes. It is very easy to assemble. Square boxes, made out of corrugated cardboard. Available in two different. Perfect for any products of packaging or any other kind of shipping. Includes a built-in holder and openings.  You can customize it with your brand logo.