Spiral Gift Box

Custom Spiral Gift Packaging Box is a very good packaging option that fulfils your need to wrap the gift box in a beautiful way. We are offering custom spiral gift boxes for your requirements.


Custom Spiral gift box

This spiral shaped gift box is original, stylish, and very decorative. It can be used for any small-sized gift, from a piece of jewellery to a small accessory, and even to hold sweets! Exclusively at Custom Packaging Boxes!

Want to get noticed by your customers, clients and friends? Then why not try out this product from Custom Packaging Boxes? The spiral gift box, also known as a helix gift box or corkscrew gift box, is a must-have when it comes to originality. It’s one of the most original boxes at CPB!

A small gift is still a gift, right? If you’re looking for that special something or just an original way to package the little items you give away, this custom Spiral gift box is the perfect option. With one of the most original shapes on the market, it’s chic and modern, guaranteed to leave everyone with their mouths open. What will you put inside?

What is this box like?
  • The Sharp Box is a large, flat-pack cardboard container designed by CPB. Once assembled, it can be used to store and carry all sorts of things but is particularly suited to carrying other flat-packed cardboard boxes. It is made of equal-sized pieces of cards, which easily slot together in an intuitive way. The outside is covered with a colourful striped pattern, while the inside features partition walls that can be repositioned as needed.
What is this box for?
  • This unique package is hard to find anywhere else! The gift-wrapping is original and you are sure to surprise the recipient with any gift presented in this – even jewellery. It can be used to give small, lightweight presents and assorted sweets. Use it as a gift bag for your guests at an event.

Are you in search of the best quality spiral gift box? Well, Custom Spiral Gift Boxes is your destination to make all your dreams a reality. We are the most experienced and skilful custom packaging box makers in the industry. We are widely known for our top-notch services and unmatched products that match every requirement by our customers. Whether it is wedding gift bags or any other custom packaging boxes, we have them all.

Spiral Gift Boxes with custom logo from the United Kingdom is a promotional gift and the best solution for the market of taking into consideration the increase in demand Customization. It’s clearly an ideal way to squeeze a number of gifts, promotional pieces, or unique items into one box. These custom spiral gift boxes, gift bags with cords are made from good quality paper/paperboard.