Simple Triangular Gift Box

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Custom Simple triangular gift box

Simple triangular gift box: When it comes to gift boxes the choice is huge, but not many are as beautiful, easy to assemble and as original as this one. In a rounded and elegant shape, it’s ideal for wedding favours or gifts at any event. No adhesive is needed which makes it perfect as gift wrapping for shops. A simple triangular gift box for wedding favours or for a special event.
What is this box like?

  • The Custom simple triangular box is an easy-to-assemble packaging solution. This 3D gift box has a very appealing shape at a reasonable price and it does not require any adhesive to assemble the box, instead of using tape or glue.

What is this box for?

  • This is a simple triangular box made of kraft cards and it can be used for wedding favours or for a special occasion and it can be used as gift wrapping for shops. This box is very easy to assemble and no adhesive is needed. Meaning you will win over your guests and customers!

Our gift box creates an effective, unique and memorable wrapping experience. It is easily assembled without any adhesive, or glue. Conveniently, it can also be used as a fashionable storage box for small items. This product is both stunning and practical; its simplicity will draw the eye of your guests, and the design of this triangular gift box will make your imagination run wild! A colourful gift box that will please the recipients at any event!