Simple Lidded Gift Box

Ideal gift for delivery invitations, cards and letters. Protects the documents from dust, moisture and mechanical damages. Lightweight cardboard box with flaps. Easy to use!

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Custom Simple Lidded Gift Box

A Custom Simple Lidded Gift Box can be used as a traditional wedding invitation box, as a baby shower invitation box, like a baptism invitation box, as a gift box for holding jewellery or accessories or any other personalized gift. The box comes flat and needs to be assembled with easy and intuitive step by step instructions. You can also personalize the colour of the ribbon using our application. Perfect choice for shops such as florists, gift shops and pieces of jewellery.
What is this box like?

  • Flat and simple but very classy. This Simple Custom Simple Lidded Gift Box is made up of only one piece and its mounting does not require any type of adhesive. You can buy it in different sizes and it is very easy to mount. If you want to give it a personal touch you can decorate it with any kind of strings, ribbons or with some stickers.

What is this box for?

  • Our Simple Lidded Gift Box is the perfect way to deliver your presents. It can fit in invitations or any other flat item, and it is a decorative box. You can also use it to deliver clothes and complementariness goods in shops and commerces. It is very versatile!

Customer appreciation is essential for the success of any business. It is good to say thanks for what people do for us. This gift box is an ideal solution to give as a present at a special moment in both its upper and lower cover. With a transparent cover, you will be able to see its contents with easiness and simplicity. That way, the recipient will know that it came from someone who cares about what’s inside.