Rabbit shaped gift box

Make your friends and relatives happy by giving them one of the most remembered presents from their childhood. You can choose from a variety of colourful gift boxes to make a present even more special.


Custom Rabbit shaped gift box

When you need to package a gift that’s adorable and endearing, think of our custom rabbit-shaped gift box. Perfect for birthdays, Christenings and Easter, it comes in a choice of blue, pink or yellow. Cubits’ quality, attention to detail and craftsmanship ensures this box will not just look great but will carry on playing a part in your celebrations for years to come.

Our beautiful rabbit-shaped gift box is decorated with colourful silk fabrics, hand-finished so that each one is unique! The ideal gift box for the celebration of life and joy. Can be used as a gift box, or to keep your favourite candies! Available in 4 colours.

What is this box like?
  • This is a customized shaped rabbit shaped gift box. It is spacious enough to hold a sizable present. And the flap closes on the top of its head. The backside of the box has a slot to slide in and hang on a branch. This way you can effortlessly and freely display this cute little box in your room, door or other places!
What is this box for?
  • For its rabbit shape, it is an ideal box for children, birthdays, baptism parties or baby shower treats. It is also recommended to place Easter eggs in it. Because of this, it is perfect for candy and bakery shops.
  • Also, you could buy it with food protection so, you can fill it with candies or sweets, and use it as a treat at any event. A box that can take everybody off their legs!

The box-shaped Rabbit Planter has ears that are folded down and flattened. The holes on the ears are obvious and can be used to attach the rabbit with a rope to a wall. With the rope, this little animal is easily hung on a line, and it weighs very light. Maybe you have found yourself looking for a box to bury some money in the backyard with your own private code? This could be just what you need.