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Get Your Custom Pizza Slice Boxes – Wholesale Pizza Slice Packaging Boxes Made in Custom Shapes, sizes, and layouts. We offer quality and error-free packaging services with free shipping in all UK.

Custom Pizza Slice Boxes

Custom Pizza Slice Boxes: Founded in 2009, Little Wing is a small, independent yet growing pizza chain with 5 restaurants based in close proximity to Belfast. Our pizza slice shaped, Custom Pizza Slice Boxes as seen in the sample seen here is rather unique, enabling customers a way of purchasing and keeping one slice warm. This saves the waste of dispatching a square shaped box yet still enables the pizza to keep warm and be eaten cleanly by the customer.

These boxes are manufactured from strong, thick corrugated cardboard; great for absorbing an excess grease/oil. Its thickness also works especially well in keeping the food warm and fresh for longer. Custom Pizza Slice Boxes like the sample as seen here feature a well sealed open/close design and mechanism. One of the other great benefits is they are easy to dispose of and recyclable. Like the branded sample has seen here, we can custom manufacture these boxes to reflect any catering/restaurant related brand and design identity.

Custom Pizza Boxes like the pizza slice design here are great in packaging and preserving take away food. If you are after Custom Pizza Slice Boxes or have any questions regarding this variety of food packaging please don’t hesitate to contact us on (+44) 161 850 8317 or email us via

Some popular styles available for your custom pizza slice boxes include:

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