Custom Pizza Slice Boxes

Custom Slice boxes are a perfect way to package your ready-to-eat and fresh pizza slices, dine-in and carry-out food items. These high-quality custom pizza boxes are light in weight and suitable for food packaging uses in the restaurant trade.

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Custom Pizza Slice Boxes For All Types of Pizza

What’s your type of pizza? We create Custom Pizza Slice Boxes in any size and shape that you require, and provide a variety of options to choose from. As one of the UK’s leading pizza boxes suppliers, we offer the highest quality products. Our range of boxes can be adjusted to suit specific areas of use. Delivered fast, low prices, great service and high-quality products: What more could you ask for?

These custom pizza slice boxes provide a safe and secure environment for your slices to travel in. Featuring a wide opening and closing lid, these boxes are able to hold up to 5 slices of pizza comfortably, keeping them warm and fresh for longer. They are manufactured from strong, thick corrugated cardboard; great for absorbing excess grease/oil. The step-by-step instructional diagrams make it easy to assemble the box perfectly each time.

Custom Pizza Slice Packaging Boxes Printing

We have been designing and producing Pizza Slice custom box packaging for more than 20 years, which can mean you know you are getting a great quality product. These cardboard pizza packaging boxes are designed for takeaways, whereby a customer wants to purchase a pizza slice and does not have time to make their own, hence the need for a box (as opposed to paper or cardboard). We package single pizzas in 6, 8 and 10 slice sizes in our range of high-quality paperboard boxes. The product is now available in several colours and designs with your logo printed pizza box in reflective foil. If you would like to receive information regarding Custom Pizza Slice Boxes please don’t hesitate to contact us at (+44) 2032901117 or email us via