Kraft Gift Box with Lid

This gift box is perfect for many purposes. The Custom Printed Kraft Gift Packaging Box with Lid is a unique closure and design, so it is suitable for almost any type of consumer product. Buy yours today!

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Custom Kraft Gift Box with Lid

From time to time, you need to ship and wrap gifts – whether it’s for a special occasion or simply a treat to a friend! Our Custom Kraft Gift Box with Lid can be used and reused over the years. You can buy this high-quality Kraft box online at industry leading prices and get quality packaging from us. Check out our different sizes and order today!

Gift boxes are one of the most affordable and effective ways to enhance packaging. A gift box is a perfect way to present a gift item. This Custom Kraft Gift Box with Lid make it unique and keeps it safe from any external damage. It comes in four folds that are easy to fold and mount on any surface.
What is this box like?

  • The Custom Kraft Gift Box with Lid is able to hold different shapes and sizes, making it a handy gift box. It closes in a safe way with a simple flap, making it easy to mount. The Kraft Mailing Boxes come available in four different sizes, so they’re suitable for every type of object that you want to give as a present or ship.

Every present deserves to be protected. That Gift Boxes with Lids

When it comes to gift packaging you have the option of getting either a custom gift box with a lid or a custom gift box without a lid. When you have a customized kraft gift box with a lid you can effectively present your purchasers their gifts in a unique package that they will remember. Made from cardboard this box is guaranteed to fit your specifications as well as be made-to-measure and offered in many different sizes and shapes as well as glossy colour combinations. Rest assured we also offer options for customizing these boxes at no additional charge when paired with your custom cardboard packaging design.

This kraft gift box with lid is a perfect option for packaging your products. It is made of paperboard and it has a nice eggshell finish. Thanks to its simple design, this box can be used for packing many different types of items. As it has an open-top, it can be used both for making a gift and for shipping purposes. This gift box has 4 different sizes so you can choose whichever one fits your needs the most.