Gift Boxes With a Lid


Custom Gift boxes with a lid

What this box is like
  • This gift box is made up of a cardboard base and a plastic transparent lid
  • The plastic lid will allow you to see the products inside
  • Available with kraft, black or white base colour
What this box is for
  • This gift box is the perfect box for creating your own kit and surprising whoever you wish
  • Perfect for giving Christmas, baby or birthday hampers and many other things
  • A box for everything!

Cap Top Gift Boxes

If you struggle to make gift wrap look impressive, you’ll be glad to know that Custom Packaging Boxes carries a variety of gift boxes with lids! These boxes make it easy to package gifts without worrying about wrapping paper. We carry various styles in every colour, and you can choose between glossy, matte, or satin finishes in a variety of patterns.

Our gift boxes with lids are perfect for:

  • Wedding, birthday, or shower gifts
  • Packaging high-end retail items for clients
  • A cute way to store kids’ toys or art supplies
  • A variety of crafting projects

Organize a Kid’s Playroom with Gift Boxes with Lids

Our gift boxes offer various uses beyond the expected. If your kids’ playroom looks like a disaster area, these boxes provide an affordable way to clean things up. Pick a few boxes in different colours and then label them for toys like blocks, crayons, paint supplies, or action figures. You can choose out a few plain boxes and paint them for a fun crafting project, or you can pick one of our glossy, colourful varieties. You’ll love how cute they look when stacked on a shelf, and you’ll enjoy the clean floor even more!

Pick a Gorgeous Gift Box

When you put a gift in one of our gorgeous gift boxes, your recipient will not only receive the gift, but also a fun box they can reuse. These boxes can be used in any of the ways listed above, or they can simply be reused for giving another gift in the future. It’s amazing how a slight change in packaging can really up to the quality of your gift.

If you have inquiries for the team at Custom Packaging Boxes, please contact us today. Our friendly and expert assistance is ready to address your concerns.

Get Your Custom Gift boxes with a lid – Wholesale Gift boxes with a lid with Logo Made in Custom Shapes, sizes, and layouts. We offer quality and error-free packaging services with free shipping in the world.


Some popular styles available for your Custom Gift boxes with a lid include:

Rectangular Gift Box With Lid | Gift Bag with Cord | Chinese takeaway gift box | Rabbit shaped gift box | Spiral gift box | Milk Carton – Shaped Gift Boxes | Kraft Gift Boxes Gift Packaging Boxes and much more!