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Design custom boxes and place your order with a few clicks. Custom Packaging Boxes offers mailer boxes, shipping boxes, folding and rigid boxes.

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We offer a wide range of various eCommerce shipping boxes and packing materials at affordable prices. These shipping boxes are made from high-quality materials for last a long. Just look around our website, and please feel free to order what you want. Our best-selling eCommerce shipping box. It’s big enough to hold a wide variety of goods and sturdy enough to last through long trips.

The Importance of Ecommerce packaging

The right e-commerce packaging helps your business stand out. The wrong choice can lead to a plethora of issues ranging from damaged products to weakened brand connections and customer retention. Creating e-commerce-ready packaging seems like a lot to pack into one kind of e-commerce packaging should attempt to address, but it is completely possible when you work with packaging experts during the design process. Working with a packaging expert can be vital for guidance around the right materials to use and the marketing message that needs to be conveyed.

Material Thickness Options

Due to the fact that corrugated boxes are manufactured in different sizes, box thickness can vary. The term used to indicate this variation is a caliper. Generally, lightweight products will use thinner paperboard than heavier products. The goal is to design your packaging/use your packaging material so that it sufficiently supports the weight of your product—and not more than necessary.

Choosing the Right Printing Method

Quality printing is vital to making your packaging stand out. Displaying clear and concise information is important to forming an authentic connection with your customers. Maintaining full transparency allows you to build up your brand credibility and gain a loyal customer base. High-quality printing on the exterior of a box is not recommended as it will likely get damaged, tarnishing the overall unboxing experience.

Why custom shipping boxes are essential for your online business?

Custom shipping boxes are one of the most important accessories to protect your products for shipping. Online businesses of all types can benefit from custom shipping boxes to make sure that their items arrive in the same condition as when they were packaged. Since a box made from your company’s brand will be used over and over again, it is essential to use packaging that you know customers will recognize.

You can make your brand popular

In today’s world of business, one thing that can help your company establish a great position in the market is the concept of branding. Branding helps to build trust and loyalty with your customer. It also goes a long way in acting as a goodwill maker for your company in the long run. With custom shipping boxes, you can easily seize this opportunity. You can make your package look attractive and on the same time make it closer to the lives of your customers. When you print custom shipping boxes, every person who sees it will develop a connection with it. This strong connection helps you to brand your package as a popular one.