Kraft Sandwich Boxes

The Custom Kraft Sandwich Boxes are your perfect option to maintain the freshness of your delicious meal, especially since you can get these creative attractive kraft sandwich boxes from CustomPackagingBoxes at super affordable prices.

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Custom Kraft Dessert Food Box Packaging

Natural Kraft Packaging is ideal for Food Packaging as it is 100% recyclable and many are made from recycled Kraft paper. Food packaging represents a significant volume that is consumed every day, so if we use plastic packaging for food packaging, instead of recyclable paper packaging, it would cause very serious contamination to our environment. Therefore, people tend to use Eco-Friendly, Kraft Paper Food Boxes Packaging nowadays. We are talking about various dessert boxes and fast food boxes. Includes Kraft Popcorn Boxes, Foldable Kraft Gift Boxes, Kraft Cookie Boxes and Kraft Cake Boxes, and more.

Kraft popcorn box packaging.

Kraft Popcorn Boxes are very simple style boxes, the boxes do not need a lid as they are generally used to wrap fresh popcorn and enjoy it in no time during the movie. Kraft Popcorn Boxes are made from food-grade Kraft Paper that can come into direct contact with food. birthday party etc.

Custom Kraft Sandwich Boxes Packaging.

If you like sandwiches, you may notice that most of the store’s sandwiches are packaged in Brown Kraft Boxes, the most common being wedge-shaped Custom Kraft Sandwich Boxes, usually with a cutout window on the side. Can with PVC film or just window without film. Some are Plain Kraft Sandwich Boxes with stickers, some big brand sandwiches are packaged in Sandwich Boxes Printed with the brand logo and image.

Custom Kraft Burger Boxes.

Natural Kraft Boxes are also popular for wrapping Hamburgers Boxes. Kraft Hamburger Boxes have a unique shell shape, the lid is the same as the bottom base. It is very easy to recognize Hamburger Boxes from other Food Packaging. Kraft Burger Boxes can be Custom Printed in beautiful illustrations. You can save more trees by using Kraft Hamburger Boxes to replace the blank white Paper Hamburger Boxes and other fried Takeout Boxes.

Kraft picnic box packaging.

Kraft Picnic Boxes allow you to take your meals outside for a picnic without worrying about polluting our environment with these Eco-Friendly recyclable and disposable Kraft Boxes. Usually, the Kraft Picnic Boxes are made of food-grade Kraft paper, and the boxes inside are grease resistant and waterproof treated, so we can put the picnic food into these boxes directly. Picnic Boxes have many different sizes, it can be Transport Boxes, can be subscription boxes with Custom Printing and design, they can be made from thin Kraft Paper, they can also be made from Corrugated Kraft Cardboard to make them thick and sturdy.

Kraft Gourmet Box Packaging.

People like foodies, natural food lovers would pack in natural Kraft Gourmet Packaging Boxes, such as Kraft Telescopic Rigid Gift Boxes and hard magnetic closure gift boxes, small gourmet desserts can be in boxes for Kraft paper drawers, with a clear window to display the gourmet. or with divider insert compartments to hold them in place, the Custom Printing and custom design make for one-of-a-kind Kraft packaging Boxes.

Sandwich Boxes

A sandwich box is a compact but complete meal with bread, vegetables, slices of meat, and cheese. It’s easy to transport, making it a popular lunch option to take to work and school, or included in some lunch packs for catered business lunches. Its name derives from its inventor, John Montague, the 4th Earl of Sandwich.

Take a look at the large selection of Custom Sandwich Packaging Boxes for your take out catering solution. These boxes can keep your sandwich ingredients completely intact while sealing in their freshness. They are also available in different sizes to suit one or more service layers. You can also try Hot Sandwich Box for your wraps, paninis, and pocket pies.

Custom Kraft Sandwich boxes are made of grease- and microwave-resistant Corrugated Cardboard. This makes it a perfect option for deliveries as the box will remain intact and can go straight to the microwave if your customer wants to reheat it. There is no need for other containers or plates, as the box can fulfil all these functions.