Cupcake Boxes

Custom Packaging Boxes present cupcake boxes wholesale that helps you in saving money. We present the best value you can get because our prices are unbeatable. You will get a variety of options to put your own logo on the boxes.

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Custom Cupcake Boxes Wholesale With Eco-Friendly Material

Our custom cupcake boxes are a great way to keep your cupcakes and bake fresh whilst transporting them to friends, family or the local market. The custom cupcake box is food safe, strong and of amazing value, and we guarantee you will love these boxes! We have an extra deep box for those taller cupcakes as well as boxes for when you’re making bigger cakes or even little chocolate treats. To help make sure these boxes work for your bakes, there is a range of cake boxes and Cupcake packaging.

Custom Packaging Boxes offer a great number of customization choices. So, you can get your personalized cupcake boxes printed in different colours, different shapes, and sizes. We are also aware of the cardboard utilised in the manufacturing of individual cupcakes. Consequently, we make utilization of the most excellent quality substances for assembling our containers. Our items are excellent for their sturdiness and plan.

Cupcake Packaging Boxes

Forget the plain white box! Stylish and sturdy custom cupcake boxes UK are a great way to say it with style while keeping your treats safe and secure. With our extensive range, you’ll find the right boxes for all of your creations, and we can even help with custom bakery boxes or custom doughnut boxes too. We’ve mastered the art of providing stylish packaging solutions, so let us add some elegance to your brand.

All our boxes are made from recycled paper so you aren’t compromising the environment when you buy our cupcake boxes. We know that costs are a huge part of getting your product out there so we do everything to keep costs down and yet make sure every item we create is high quality. We have several options for inserts to give you added flexibility on how you want your box to look. Our custom cupcake boxes can either be flat on the bottom or come with feet. We have all sizes from jumbo to regular and mini cupcakes.

Personalized cupcake boxes wholesale are available at Custom Packaging Boxes. The personalization of the custom cupcake boxes can be done in almost every form, with various styles and templates. Custom packaging boxes offers you various customization options that you can use to make your personalised boxes even more attractive for customers.: Appealingly advertise your bakery or confectionery.
Secure your Custom Cupcake Boxes with quality cardboard boxes.
Protect from any physical factor. Clear Cupcake Boxes, Custom Kraft Cupcake Boxes.

Customized Cupcake Boxes

Here at, we provide you with the facility to customize cupcake boxes according to your wish since we have a printing section that enables us to print any design on the box which helps you garner more attention while gifting your customer the best colour combination that is on offer.