Cone-shaped Party Box

Let your party stand out! These Custom Cone-shaped Party Packaging Boxes come in different shapes and sizes. Looking for the perfect packaging to promote your next event or profession? Check out our online store today, order your custom shaped cones today and start selling now!

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Custom Cone-shaped Party Box

Cone-shaped Party Box: These boxes are shaped like a cone and are manufactured from a selection of materials. Some of these Custom Cone-shaped Party Boxes require a small piece of ribbon to close the flower top end, and some already include the ribbon. Please note the section the favour box is located to determine if the ribbon is included or not. Shipped flat. The material thickness of the Clear: 9 mil

NOTE: Length is the distance inside the box from the opening to the bottom tip of the box. Width is the dimension at the widest point of the box opening.

What is this box like?

  • This Custom Cone-shaped Party Box has a cone shape which is made up of a single piece that is easy to fold. It closes with a simple fitting flap which gives it an original touch. It is available in two different sizes and in multiple colours. You also can ask for it with a cardboard food coat that you could fill with your favourite sweets or fruit pastilles.

What is this box for?

  • For its original form, it is perfect for filling it with candy and sweets. You can also use it for wrapping in it gifts in an original way. It is ideal for offering it for guests at an event or as a gift at children parties. Surprise your guests with a cone full of candies!

Enjoy your party with a custom shaped cone cardboard box

What makes our cones different? They are not made of paper and cardboard-like the typical boxes you find in the stores. Our cones are made of food-grade quality cardboard and they stand up to years of use. In addition, our cones are custom shaped and come in a wide range of sizes, colours, capacity and styles. Because they are cone-shaped, they fit nicely on tables and counters allowing items to be displayed clearly. Our cones will add a festive atmosphere to your next event, instead of an uninviting package that is typically used for party favours.

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