Clear gift box

Our shop offers a wide selection of professional-quality custom clear gift boxes with many options to choose from, such as shapes, sizes, and lining. This makes for a great gift to remind your customer about the quality of your product!

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Custom Clear Gift Boxes

Custom Clear Gift Box: Are you a retailer with products that require to be seen? Are you searching for custom packaging materials that will display the product within as opposed to hiding it? Maybe you’re just looking for a unique box for a gift or special design. Whatever the case, the collection of clear favour boxes at Custom Packaging Boxes offers everything you need. Here you’ll find custom clear gift boxes in all shapes and sizes, from cubes to cylinders. We also carry a unique custom clear gift box that has metal lids as well.

Our clear gift packaging boxes are great for:

  • Showing off packaged foods, candies, or other treats.
  • Organizing foods for school trips, picnics, business lunches, or camping.
  • Sorting other small household items, such as jewellery and other accessories.

Wholesale Clear Gift Packaging Boxes

What is this box for?

  • Thanks to its originality and the incorporation of the transparent part, this box is perfect for chocolates and sweets, but also other attention-grabbing gifts such as bath salts.

What is this box like?

  • This original two-part card box is a combination of different materials, on the one hand, a transparent plastic cuboid, surrounded by a cardboard framework, which you can purchase in the colour you like the most. The main cube can be extracted and be utilised as a box for holding sweets, chocolates or any small object, which can be seen from the outside. It fits the framework correctly, putting on light pressure.

These custom clear gift boxes are going to make an excellent addition

Research has shown that customers prefer food that is sold in custom clear gift boxes. This is because the clarity gives them full freedom to check for freshness. Kraft Gift boxes also allow the customer to see how delicious the food looks, which is often an important selling point as well. If you’re a restaurant owner who needs some new choices for take-out packaging, consider going with gift boxes with a lid. You won’t be disappointed with the results!

Our custom clear gift boxes are a great choice for packaging small items like chocolates, bath salts, and candies. The box can also accommodate larger items such as a candle or a set of matches. For added protection at delivery, you can purchase foils and paper bags to fit the sized box you have selected. We offer both frame type and lift tops. They are perfect for boxed gifts as they are both stylish and sturdy.