Carrying case box with handle

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Custom Carrying case box with handle

What this box is like
  • This carrying case box with handle is made of a single piece and it shuts securely through a simple flap
  • It is easy to assemble and there’s no need for adhesive
  • The dimensions of the carrying case box with handle are: Exterior: 9.7 x 34.6 x 25.7 cm and interior: 9.4 x 33.4 x 25 cm.
What this box is for
  • Since it is made of resistant cardboard, it’s ideal as a carrying case box for sending packages
  • Ideal for gifts, you can customise it as you fancy
  • As it is very easy to assemble, we also recommend it as packaging for companies or shops

Carrying case box with handle, perfect for transporting it conveniently. Ideal as a box for sending packages and practical due to its easy assembly. You’ll be able to customise the carrying case box with handle with your own logo as well as decorate it as you fancy with our accessories.