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We have a wide range of reputed cardboard postal boxes available in numerous dimensions. Make use of our sound services for safe and durable delivery.

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(Mailer Cardboard Postal Boxes)

Mailer cardboard postal boxes are essential packaging solutions for shipping items securely and conveniently. Made from sturdy and eco-friendly cardboard material, these boxes offer excellent protection to their contents during transit. They are designed with easy-to-fold flaps and pre-creased lines, allowing for quick assembly and hassle-free packaging. The rigid construction of mailer cardboard postal boxes ensures that they can withstand the rigours of the shipping process, preventing damage to the enclosed items. These boxes are available in various sizes to accommodate a wide range of products, and they can be customized with branding or labelling for a professional touch. Whether it’s for e-commerce businesses or individuals sending packages, mailer cardboard postal boxes are a reliable and cost-effective solution for safe transportation.

Our Mailer Cardboard Postal Boxes are designed to specifically meet Royal Mail specifications. Our standard postal, shipping and mailing boxes come in brown and white colours, and we can manufacture them in a number of sizes suitable for your packing and shipping needs. Each box we manufacture is designed to protect your items during transportation and storage.

Style 2

(Printed Mailer Postal Boxes)

Printed mailer postal boxes are a versatile and effective packaging solution for shipping and promoting products. These boxes are made from durable cardboard material that ensures the safety and protection of the enclosed items during transit. What sets printed mailer postal boxes apart is the added advantage of customization. They can be printed with attractive designs, logos, or branding elements that help create a strong visual impact and promote brand recognition. Whether it’s a vibrant pattern, a company logo, or product-specific information, the printed designs on these boxes make them visually appealing and enhance the unboxing experience for customers. Additionally, the printed surface provides an excellent opportunity to communicate essential details, such as handling instructions or marketing messages. With their combination of practicality, durability, and eye-catching designs, printed mailer postal boxes are an excellent choice for businesses looking to elevate their packaging and brand image.

In appreciation of flat boxes and pop-up postal boxes, we also stock the full range of Printed Mailer Postal Boxes. All our cardboard postal boxes are flat-packed for central storage and offer excellent value for money. Along with a fabulous choice of design, we also offer instant online discounts. So you can buy custom postal boxes and get a mailing risk-free service.

Style 3

(Wholesale Cardboard Postal Boxes)

Wholesale cardboard postal boxes are a cost-effective and practical packaging solution for businesses that frequently ship products in large quantities. These boxes are specifically designed to meet the needs of bulk shipments while maintaining durability and security. Wholesale options provide businesses with the advantage of purchasing boxes in large quantities at discounted prices, resulting in significant cost savings. The sturdy construction of cardboard ensures that the contents are protected during transit, minimizing the risk of damage. These boxes are available in various sizes and styles, allowing businesses to choose the most suitable option for their products. Wholesale cardboard postal boxes are versatile and can be customized with branding, labels, or product information, providing a professional and cohesive look to the packaging.

These stylish and sturdy Wholesale Cardboard Postal Boxes are designed to protect delicate items during transit. Our boxes come in various sizes, from small to large, depending on the weight of your shipment. With their attractive appearance, you can be sure that our sturdy cardboard postal boxes will protect your products. We believe in quality service and offer a 100% money-back guarantee.

Style 4

(Bespoke Postal Boxes)

Bespoke postal boxes offer a tailored packaging solution that perfectly matches the unique requirements of businesses and their products. Unlike standard off-the-shelf options, bespoke postal boxes are custom-designed and manufactured to meet specific dimensions, shapes, and branding needs. This level of customization ensures a precise fit, optimizing the protection and presentation of the items being shipped. Businesses can work closely with packaging experts to create bespoke postal boxes that reflect their brand identity, incorporating logos, colours, and artwork that align with their overall aesthetic. Additionally, bespoke postal boxes can include special features such as inserts, compartments, or padding to securely hold and protect delicate or fragile items. The attention to detail and personalization offered by bespoke postal boxes enhance the unboxing experience for customers, leaving a lasting positive impression. Whether it’s for luxury goods, specialized products, or unique marketing campaigns, bespoke postal boxes are an ideal choice for businesses seeking to make a distinctive statement with their packaging.

Provide your customers with a convenient and secure way to send and receive their items with these Bespoke Postal Boxes. Made from strong, thick cardboard material, these boxes are sturdy enough to protect most shipments from breakage or impact damage. We also offer these boxes with windows for easy viewing of each package, making it easy to identify the content without having to open the box. Additionally, they may also be insulated with Insulation Foam that keeps your items safe during transport.

Cardboard Postal Boxes and Mailing Boxes UK

Our comprehensive and independent range of cardboard postal boxes gives you all the choices you need to find the complete-sized mailing box for your needs. For better customizations, we offer our WhatsApp services.

Our range of postal boxes combines great value small parcel and large letterboxes, specifically designed to conform to Royal Mail guidelines and thus keep your postal costs to a minimum. Custom packaging boxes do the first in the UK to offer postal boxes to save your postage. For then we have carefully measured all styles of mailing boxes in this section, so the postage category each box fits into is clearly shown.

Our boxes range comes in different sizes, including brown and white choices, and starts from small mailing boxes. But just because they’re cheap cardboard postal boxes, don’t think they’re moving to be flimsy; with triple density sides and double thickness base, they’ll endure the difficulties of any postal journey. Postal Mailing Boxes are recognised as market leaders and are used in their millions across Europe by book wholesalers, satisfaction houses and e-commerce workers. We’re proud to be one of the top companies in the UK sharing these top-quality products!

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