Cardboard Postal Boxes

We have a wide range of reputed cardboard postal boxes available with numerous dimensions. Make use of our sound services for rapid delivery.

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Cardboard Postal Boxes and Mailing Boxes UK

Our comprehensive and independent range of cardboard postal boxes gives you all the choices you need to find the complete sized mailing box for your needs. Options involve economy postal boxes, PIP boxes, large letterboxes and Royal Mail small parcel size boxes. In appreciation of flat boxes and pop-up postal boxes, we also stock the full range of Cardboard Postal Packaging Boxes. All our cardboard postal boxes are flat-packed for central storage and offer excellent value for money. Along with a fabulous in-stock choice also becomes instant online discounts and our 100% money-back guarantee. So you can buy custom postal boxes and get mailing risk-free!

Protect about postage!

Our range of postal boxes combines great value small parcel and large letterboxes, specifically designed to conform to Royal Mail guidelines and thus keep your postal costs to a minimum. Custom packaging boxes do the first in the UK to offer postal boxes to save on postage. For then we have carefully measured all styles of mailing boxes in this section, so the postage category each box fits into is clearly shown.

Excellent value for large volume mailing

Our EconoPost boxes range comes in 35 different sizes only, including brown and white choices, and start from as small as 15p per mailing box. But just because they’re cheap cardboard postal boxes, don’t think they’re moving to be flimsy; with triple density sides and double thickness base, they’ll endure the difficulties of any postal journey.

Postal Boxes for excellent quality

This impressive range of postal boxes has several layers of protecting cardboard on each side, plus strengthened edges and controls for total shockproof protection. Postal Mailing Boxes are recognised as market leaders and are used in their millions across Europe by book wholesalers, satisfaction houses and e-commerce workers. We’re proud to be one of only three companies in the UK sharing these top quality products!