Custom Candle Packaging Boxes

We have an extensive range of candle packaging boxes designed to suit any individual. Candle boxes are quite different from other types. You can visit our site to choose the most appropriate candle box for your candles as per their design, size, and shape.

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Our Candle Packaging Boxes Are Available In These Latest Styles

Styles 1

(Seal End Candle Packaging Boxes)

If you are in the candle business and need the best packaging to pack your candles, then our Seal & Candle Packaging Boxes are available, they not only pack your candles beautifully but also give them a unique look. These boxes are made from cardboard or paperboard corrugated cardboard. Packaging in boxes also adds to the beauty of the candles. Since candles are a very delicate product, the packaging must be very durable to protect the product.

These candles need to be handled carefully during transport. Our seal-end candle packaging boxes perfectly protect your product. Seal-end refers to a special folding and sealing design in which when the box is closed, In which when the box is closed, it is sealed and keeps your product safe inside. These Seal end candle packaging boxes can also be fitted with windows to make it easier for customers to see the candles inside the box. These windows also add beauty to the boxes and attract more people to your product.

Styles 2

(Candle Reverse Tuck Box)

Candle Reverse Tuck Box is specially designed for the packaging of candles. It has a different closing method which provides safety in addition to easy opening and closing of the box. It is made from a strong material. Reverse tuck closures in these box designs consist of two flaps located at the top of the box at different ends of the boxes. A top flap rests on the product inside the box and tucks into the flap in the bottom black. When opened, the bottom flap stays in place while the top flap is lifted up to reveal the product inside the box. Candle reverse tuck boxes are very helpful in protecting candles from dust and damage.

Styles 3

(Kraft Mailer Candle Packaging)

As the name suggests this is kraft mailer candle packaging. Kraft refers to the paper board that is made from wood pulp. It is very eco-friendly and has no negative effects. It is an advantageous material that helps to keep the products inside very safe. Candle packaging is a very responsible task. Candles need to be packaged in a way that will keep them safe during shipping and not get damaged, so our craft Miller candle packaging comes in handy. You can get these boxes prepared in different sizes depending on your product, if you need inserts in these boxes, you can also put them. Various printing options are also available which you can discuss with our staff and get customized for you.

Styles 4

(Candle Tray And Sleeve Boxes)

Candle trays and sleeve boxes are good packaging to protect your candles. They protect your candles very well. These Candle Tray And Sleeve Boxes’ have a tray and a sleeve to keep your candles very safe. These trays, usually made of cardboard or paperboard, have a flat bottom layer and four top walls that the candles are placed inside and their texture helps keep the candles upright.

When topped with a sleeve, these boxes are perfect for transporting or storing candles. The top sleeve is usually made of a thinner material than the tray, such as paper or acetate. Different windows etc can be made in the sleeve. Customizations are available in the size and shape of these boxes.

Custom Candle Boxes Wholesale

This is a great way to customize your candle packaging boxes in the best way as candles are used on various occasions. Whether it’s a birthday, a special occasion, a wedding or a holiday, printed candle boxes are a must-see on all these occasions because candles add to the beauty of these events, and the packaging of these candles is exquisite. It is very important to have. The beautiful packaging of a candle adds to its appeal.

You can customize these custom candle packaging boxes as per your wish with different printing options and changeable sizes and shapes. Contact our WhatsApp number for customization.

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