Cake and Panettone Box

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Cake and Panettone Box

The Cake and Panettone Cake Box is perfect to present your goodies at a party. It comes with a hexagonal base and handles to be easily carried. With the Cake and Panettone Box, you can easily cover and carry cakes, tarts, pies and all the others delicacies whose shape is not suitable to be served on a plate. Thanks to its hexagonal base it is more stable than other available models which are usually circular. The packaging box has an extra-wide opening which allows easy access to its content thanks to the handles attached on each side.

What is this box like?

  • This hexagonal shaped panettone packaging gives a surprise with its opening in the form of a flower. To close it, the flaps fit together so it can be transported easily by the handle which is on the upper part of the box. Your cake will be kept perfectly protected and covered.

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