Box For a Single Cake Pop

Wholesale Box For a Single Cake Pop with lid can be used to sell and display the cake pops you make. This is a great custom cake pop box when space is limited and it will hold up to six 4″ cake pops with lids. Each box part fits into one another and they all fit inside one single box.

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Custom Box For a Single Cake Pop

Custom boxes for a single cake pop are designed to hold a single cake pop in shape and can be custom designed, sized, and shaped according to your specifications.

Now you can present your cake pops in style, guaranteed to make a sweet impression! Choose from various shapes, sizes and layouts- our custom boxes for cake pops look amazing and allow your customer to maintain their freshness for longer periods of time. Order at wholesale prices and get free shipping with every order- plus FREE proofs!

What is this box like?

    • Everybody likes cake pops and now you can transport your cake pops safely with this handy, easy-to-use box. It is customisable with different colours and has one transparent plastic cover to protect the product; it also has one cardboard base and one holder for the cake pops (optional).”

What is this box for?

  • Custom Box For a Single Cake Pop is a design box in frosted paper. It is very suitable for bakeries or candy shops. If you need it to hold your product, you can use some double-sided tape or glue to fix it to the box. A very versatile item that can fit different purposes. It is very attractive in design and style and will be suitable for almost any occasion.

All cake pops! The cake pop is a delicious and easy way to surprise your friends and family! Cake pops are available in three different flavours: chocolate, vanilla and strawberry. It is a customisable box for a single cake pop made up of three pieces: one cardboard base, one holder for the cupcakes (optional) and one transparent plastic cover for protecting the product. It is very easy and quick to mount without having to use glue.