Box For Shirts and Accessories

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Custom Box For Shirts and Accessories

Cardboard gift box for shirts or any garment. Perfect for shops. Easy assembly. Match the colours of the lid with the ones of the box base. Available in 3 sizes.

What is this box like?
  • Formed by a cover and a base this box is perfect as a gift box. It is very easy to mount and it does not need any type of adhesive for its mounting. You can purchase this in three different sizes so that it could be suitable for any kind of gift.
What is this box for?
  • This box is perfect for being used as a gift box for T-shirts but also you can use it for any kind of clothes, complements or accessories. For being so easy to mount we recommend it as a wrapper for clothes shop which could hand over their products in an original way to their clients. You can also use it as a gift box for any type of treats as it is available in three different sizes: such as Christmas gift box, birthday gift box, wedding gift box, etc. A simple and classy box!

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