Box for Cupcakes

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Custom Box for Cupcakes

Buy your bakery boxes direct from the manufacturer and SAVE!

Box for Cupcakes: We make the boxes we sell. We aren’t the middle man. We design your bakery boxes, we manufacture them, and we ship them right to you from our facility.

At a glance …
  • This box is ideal for handing over perfumes or other small bottles.
  • It is very useful as a gift box for perfume shops, drugstores and gift shops.
  • It is available in 2 sizes and with plastic cardboard food coat.
How is this box for?
  • This simple and classy box it is made up of a single piece. It has the typical medicine box shape: two lateral lashes and it closes with a simple flap system. It is very easy to mount and it will give your gifts an original touch. Available in 2 sizes.
What is this box for?
  • It is an ideal box for handing over perfumes, small bottles with bath salt, with candies, etc. Available in 2 sizes, and you can also use it as a treat offered to guests at a wedding. You can also buy it with a plastic cardboard food coat for what it can be useful for candy shops that want to use it for handing over candies or chocolate to their clients. A very versatile box!

Box for cupcakes, muffins or cookies. The cupcake insert offers several colour combinations, so let your imagination run wild! SelfPackaging tip: If you don’t use the cupcake insert, this box makes a perfect packaging for children’s gifts. Holes diameter: 6 cm.