Box for 5 cupcakes

We offer wholesale boxes for 5 cupcakes with logos. Customized in shapes, sizes, and layouts. A variety of shapes, sizes, and quantities with free shipping for all orders.

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Custom Box for 5 cupcakes

Our 5 cupcake boxes are perfect to present your homemade treats in a beautiful, elegant way. These boxes are ideal for bakeries, patisseries and institutions that serve cupcakes. You can also add a holder when you go to buy your cupcake box, for transporting them home safely. To complete this range of products you will also find our cupcake trays, which are an ideal complement for parties and events.

What is this box like?

  • Do you love baking? Now you can offer your cupcakes with a touch of elegance and stand out from the crowd using this specialized box for 5 cupcakes. Easy to mount, these boxes are made up of three pieces: one cardboard base, one holder for cupcakes (optional) and one transparent plastic cover. And it is compatible with our exclusive Cupcake Bags, Cupcake Boxes and Mini Boxes.

What is this box for?

  • The Custom Box for 5 cupcakes is a versatile gift box you can use for a variety of occasions. Easy and quick to assemble, its simple design is enhanced by an elegant glossy finish. The box can be used to package 5 cupcakes, or as a bakery or candy retail box, depending on your needs. Our Custom Boxes make it easy to find the perfect packaging solution and add a personal touch.


From different cupcake boxes to boxes for 2,4,5,6 cupcakes, and definitely the largest of the family, the 12 cupcake boxes. Thanks to the transparent lid the cupcakes can be seen in all their brilliance. You can also purchase Boxes for 5 cupcakes with holders to securely transport them home. Choose the most original box for your Box for 5 cupcakes in the size, shapes and colour you like the most, with or without a holder and with or without a handle. They are ideal for birthdays, weddings, christenings and events. You choose the event to give your cupcake box, the choices are endless!