Box For 4 Cupcakes


Custom Box For 4 Cupcakes

Box for 4 cupcakes, muffins or cookies. Match the colours of the little box with the cupcake insert for a personalised box. SelfPackaging tip: If you don’t use the cupcake insert, this box makes a perfect packaging for children’s gifts. 6cm hole (2.36” hole)

What is this box like?
  • This box for 4 cupcakes is made up of three pieces: one cardboard base, one holder for cupcakes (optional) and one transparent plastic cover. It is available with a plastic cardboard food coat. A box which is very easy and quick to mount and does not need any type of glue for its mounting. Combine the colours as you wish to give a different colour for its base and for its holder.
What is this box for?
  • This box is designed for keeping in it 4 cupcakes, 4 muffins or cookies. For its very easy and quick mounting, it is perfect for using it as a gift box in bakeries and candy shops. It is also available with a plastic cardboard food coat. You can buy it without a holder and use it as a baby shower favour box for baby clothes or other smaller complements. A lovely gift box!

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