Autolock Bottom Boxes

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Custom Autolock Bottom Boxes

Bottom Boxes are used for transporting goods and provide protection for your valuable items. Autolock standard feature provides a lock of the bottom box and prevents unauthorized opening. Bottom boxes are made up of tough steel sheet frames with a special coating finish. These standards of locking containers help you to keep all your valuables in a safe place at one place and shifting with maximum safety. Bottom box containers are available in different shapes and sizes which makes them ideal for moving goods in a safe way.

We provide our clients with the best packing materials in the market. Save your fragile stuff from all damages by using the best quality boxes and packing supplies. When you are relocating your stuff or shipping your goods to a new place, we have custom boxes and packing supplies for you.

Autolock Bottom Boxes on Wholesale

Where does it come in handy

The AutoLock Bottom Box is particularly great for highly sensitive products. The secure, auto-lock bottom ensures that the box won’t fall over or accidentally open when stacked. Made of high-quality materials, this box is also strong enough to secure heavier products like retail supplies, hardware, small automobile parts and cosmetics and beauty enhancing supplies. Add a padlock for extra security.

Why Custom Packaging Boxes?

Some of our top brands are doing great things with the Custom Autolock Bottom Boxes – and we’re seeing results like more ad impressions, more clicks, and more sales. These appealing bottom boxes will make your products stand out on retailer shelves. With great cushioning and a flat-lock auto-lock bottom for weightier products, you’ll be sure to get attention at the register.

Designing Services

Our Custom Auto lock Bottom Boxes will allow you to protect your valuable belongings from moisture, dirt, dust and sunlight. We are a group of professionals that will help you out with your custom design ideas. Alternatively, you can choose from a broad range of beautiful artwork.

Around the clock

If you get a little hesitant, don’t. These are not your ordinary full flap auto bottom boxes but ours. We thought of them more as our own way of demonstrating how much we care about your security and safety out on the road. Our auto bottom boxes are custom made by us with some unique features that make them stand out against all of the others.