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Custom Autolock Bottom Boxes

Autolock Bottom Boxes are equipped with the super speedy auto lock feature. With just a little press, they acquire their shape and are ready to be loaded with the product in hand. If its something heavy you want to put in, this type will prove to be worthy. Food products like cereals can also be accommodated in this packaging.


The box’s body consists of an auto-lock bottom and a sealed top. The top has four flaps that, after put together, are sealed with glue or such and the stock is hence packed. This box also provides four panels for displaying graphical information or plastic windows. Those plastic windows will enable the box to show off the item it encloses and the customers will be more satisfied this way. The transportation is easy as it has a standard shape and fits completely with other boxes and the shape of the container.

Autolock Bottom Boxes on Wholesale

Where does it come in handy

As mentioned earlier, Autolock Bottom works better for some fairly heavy stuff. Its flat auto-lock bottom is amazing for handling weighty products. The products might include retail supplies, small automobile parts and cosmetics and beauty enhancing supplies. The box will look wonderful on retail shelves while occupying standard space. This type is a little expensive than Straight Tuck End but you definitely get more security because of auto lock and a sealed end.

Why Custom Packaging Boxes?

Custom Autolock bottom boxes have become one of the most popular styles among the boxes. Our yield is well established and reliable in this type of boxes. We just want to see our buyer happy, so we dispense the best of the best.

Designing Services

Our best designers will be more than excited to help you out with your custom designs. They are a team of professionals that will make your ideas come alive. Alternatively, you can choose from a broad range of beautiful artwork.

The rest is quality, rest assured!

We provide quality packaging with reasonable prices. Customer satisfaction is our top priority and you won’t find us leave any dent in achieving that.

Modern Technology

Our factories use agile and perfect machines to manufacture different kinds of packaging. We get the modern needs that this business requires and we proudly handle everything to meet those requirements.

Economical Products

We use bio-degradable material which makes our methods and products, cost-effective. All of this is just to provide you with magnificent quality material.

In Time Services

Our most fast completion time, 4 to 6 working days, is what you won’t find anywhere else. Moreover, we cooperate with each department and keep an element as essential as time, in our mind.

Globally Available

You can order our services from anywhere on the planet. We shall deliver the order exactly where you want it to be.

Around the clock

The customer care support of ours is happy to help you out if you run into any questions. They are cooperative and have good communication experiences. You can easily convey your problems to them.
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