Auto Bottom Display Lid Boxes

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Custom Auto Bottom Display Lid Boxes

Auto Bottom Display Lid Boxes come in the flat or collapsed state. The reason is that it saves space and costs during transportation. The auto bottom is a feature of these boxes in which a box can be formed from its collapsed state into its recognizable form in a matter of a few seconds. The auto bottom boxes not only saves the time put other types of packaging material such as glue or tape that in a regular box is applied at the bottom.

The time-saving capability of this form of packaging is crucial to increase the productivity of the labour that unfolds them. Auto bottom with display lid boxes has a flap extended at the end that is called a display lid. This lid is used for branding information. The sides of the box also contain branding features.

The display boxes are known to increase the visibility of a product. They also make the product stand out from the crowd in a way that can increase sales. Display boxes, in general, are placed near the counter or at places where there are people forming cues or at places where they spend time waiting. While the auto bottom functionality does not play a significant role in selling the product, it does save time and resources and an increase in productivity can be noticed. When it comes to their placement in the retail environment, they also shine bright.

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