Kraft Boxes

Kraft packaging boxes products are used by tons of the majority of companies worldwide. They offer endless combinations of sizes and package styles to fulfil all your packaging needs. There’s a variety of kraft box sizes available: Kraft boxes flat-pack, Kraft boxes two-piece bottom, Kraft bubble mailers flat-pack, amp;e; Kraft envelopes, Kraft folding cartons, Kraft Logo Shipping Boxes and many others. The bottom line is that no matter whether you need large packages or small ones they’re going to be used in every aspect of your business.

Kraft Packaging Boxes

We offer a variety of packaging boxes. Our product range is designed to help you present, transport and store your products. If you need to pack household items, toys, gifts or any other such item, then one of our paper drawer boxes or gift boxes is the ideal product for you. We provide plain Kraft paper boxes in as many sizes as possible to suit the size and shape of whatever you want to package. We also offer attractive gift boxes which are lined with Kraft paper and stocked with features such as plastic sleeves, corners and dividers. You can also find a number of useful accessories such as Gift wrap tissue paper, Ribbon ties and Wrapping papers on our website.

Kraft Gift Boxes Packaging

Choose from our range of Kraft boxes for general snacks and food packaging. We have several ribbon fitted products as well as solid coloured kraft gift boxes which you can use to package homemade sweets, cookies, or baked goods. Our gift boxes wholesale also come with a ribbon for a DIY ribbon closure. For pizza takeaway and family-style meals, choose from our range of kraft takeout boxes. We have paper salad boxes and fried food boxes with clear windows on two sides crafted from sturdy paperboard. For added volume and fast food restaurant-quality presentation, select a large-sized box with a divider insert to separate your fries and burgers.

Kraft Bags Packaging

​Kraft packaging also includes Kraft paper bags food packaging wholesale for bread, bakery, and other greasy foods, they come in nine sizes to accommodate various food portions. The grocery bags are greaseproof and waterproof food grade paper bags. There is also a variety of other Kraft paper gift bags like colourful Kraft bags with string handles when you do not conceal the contents of the bag and brown Kraft gift bags with nylon handles in many sizes, also have a black colour option.

Kraft Paper Zipper Pouch Bags

These Kraft paper zipper pouch bags are ideal for storing and packing a variety of foods and non-food items. Use them to store candy, dried food, spices, teas, herbs, dried flowers, and more! The Kraft paper stands up zipper pouch bags with windows provide the added convenience of being able to see exactly what’s in the bag at a glance. They can also be used for holding larger quantities of powdered sugar or scooping flour.

We are keeping developing more styles of Kraft packaging boxes products all the time.

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